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Mr. Kuldip Singh Sangwan

We took deep dive into the ocean of knowledge with Mr. Kuldip Sangwan – Senior Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering and Unit Chief BITS-Pilani Jaipur, at the Indira Brain Festival! The session conducted on 6th November 2023 was an insightful session that unlocked the doors of innovation and expertise. We are happy to see our students join in with full enthusiasm on this intellectual journey with us!

The Indira Brain Festival held on 6th November 2023 witnessed a profound session led by Mr. Kuldip Sangwan, a Senior Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Unit Chief at BITS-Pilani, Jaipur. The session, which provided a deep dive into the ocean of knowledge, was a captivating exploration of innovation and expertise. Students and faculty members alike engaged in an intellectually stimulating experience, unlocking doors to new realms of understanding in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Kuldip Sangwan shared an overview of his extensive experience and expertise in the field of Engineering. The session was structured to cover a wide range of topics, from the latest advancements in the field to practical insights derived from Mr. Sangwan's rich professional background.

The session provided a glimpse into Mr. Sangwan's professional journey, including his experiences as a Senior Professor and Unit Chief at BITS-Pilani, Jaipur. He shared practical knowledge and real-world applications, enriching the academic discourse with hands-on perspectives. The session was interactive, and it encouraged active participation from students and fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas. Students enthusiastically engaged in discussions, posing questions and seeking insights from Mr. Sangwan.

The session with Mr. Kuldip Sangwan at the Indira Brain Festival was an insightful journey that left a lasting impact on our students. It not only expanded their understanding but also ignited a spark of curiosity and innovation among the students. The interactive nature of the session fostered a sense of collaboration and mutual learning, creating a bridge between academia and practical applications in the field. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Kuldip Sangwan for sharing his expertise and enriching our academic community with his valuable insights.